Custom Built Trolleys

When you can't find what you need, customise!

Your specifications can be transformed into a computer model and then into reality - manufactured to your individual prescription so you get exactly what you need. Prescription manufacturing has resulted in new, industry-leading ideas and standards - not to mention, countless happy customers.


Products are primarily made of stainless steel or powdercoated zinc steel. The metals are bent and welded in a way that makes them highly durable and easy to clean, which is vital when most of our customers work in a sterile environment.

Manufacturing methods and machinery are constantly evaluated to ensure our customers have access to the best products on the market.

And manufactured locally.

Design Process

The design process is so easy, here is an example of how it's done...

Customer brainstorm:

  • We need an emergency trolley.
  • We need 2 drawers for storage and somewhere to put our pre-packed emergency bag.
  • We need a document basket, an extra shelf we can fold away and somewhere to put the defibrillator.

Initial layout designed, a bit of discussion, some redesign and the finished product is produced...

Custom Built Trolleys
Equipment needs to multi-task...
Sometimes our customers have specific needs...

Often customers who go through the process of prescription manufacturing, solve not only their problems but those of others, too.

An ICU is a pretty busy place and staff need to be sure that what they need is where they need it to be...when they need it. Organisation is the key.

St Vincent's Hospital chose to customise the ICU workstation - they needed lots of storage space with quick access, a recessed, spill-safe top and heavy duty drawers (40kg capacity) with adjustable divider bins.

The end result was so good that now St Vincent's has a trolley named just for them...and lots of people are using it!

Custom Built Trolleys

Custom Built Trolleys

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